Apartment 2
15 rue Notre Dame

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Last updated: 17 September 2019 21:08 GMT

For all enquiries you can contact us at anytime on Tel +44 (0)7770 677506

Welcome to Cannes


We hope you find this information page helpful in preparing for your stay in our apartment in Cannes. Our web site can prove invaluable source of information. And of course we are only a phone call or email away to help you with any aspect of your holiday.

PLEASE CALL US if you have any problems whatsoever on the U.K. number above; we are here to help at any time.

Entry to the apartment

Entry to the apartment is by two digicode locks. One to enter the building and one to enter the apartment. You will be sent the codes by email shortly before your rental starts.


Inside the apartment you will find a three sets of keys. The keys are on hooks inside the cupboard housing the boiler. This is in the kitchen above and to the right of the oven. If you wish to use keys instead of/as well as the digicodes. Please LEAVE these keys on the hooks when you leave. Failure to do so will result in a deduction from the security deposit.

Travelling to Cannes


Nice Airport: Getting to Cannes couldn't be easier, Nice airport is just 40 minutes away by car and the journey from the airport can be made by taxi, car, train, helicopter, power boat or bus.

Cannes - Mandelieu airport: is 5 minutes from Cannes centre and handles private aircraft and helicopter arrivals. More details can be obtained from their web site:

Most of our guests make their own travel arrangements. However, we are happy to offer assistance if required – although you or your agent will need to finalise any travel bookings.


Cannes Station: is a mere 300 meters on foot from the apartment though if you have a lot of luggage you may need to take a taxi from the rank outside the station.

If you intend to walk on leaving the station (Z on the map) you should:

Train times can be looked up at and tickets booked on the SNCF Web Site (En) or SNCF Web Site (Fr). Other languages available.


The apartment does not have it’s own parking and for many people a car is not really necessary in Cannes, particularly if you are only coming for a short stay. But if you are driving to Cannes or want to have your car available during your stay because you intend to make a lot of excursions to the surrounding area there are several quite reasonably priced parking options available close to the apartment.

The locations of the car parks can be seen on the map by clicking here.


Parking Gray d'Albion Parking Gray d'Albion is about 80 meters from the apartment. The cost if booked in advance is €223.00 for 15 days or €28 per day

Parking Palais is about 220 meters from the apartment. The cost if booked in advance is €136.90 for 15 days or €22.40 per day.

Parking Laubeuf is about 1.3 kilometres from the apartment. A nice gentle stroll pass the marina that takes about 10 minutes on foot. The cost if booked in 21 days in advance is €103.00 for 15 days or €22.40 per day. This is where we park when we drive to Cannes.

You can find details on how to book by going to the Inter Parking Web Site

Parking Prices were

Last updated: 17 September 2019 21:08 GMT

and subject to change without notice.

Transfers from the airport


A taxi from the airport is the way to guarantee that you start your holiday in relaxed way. The cost of the taxi is approximately €85.00. We use Eric Matteoda who can be contacted on or +33 (0)6 29 31 56 03


There is a regular bus service from Nice airport to Cannes Bus station. The number 210 Cannes Xpress goes from Nice airport Terminal 1 and 2 to Cannes Gare Routière (Bus Station) goes from 8am to 10pm and takes about an hour from the Airport to the bus station which is about 10 minute (750 meters) walk from the apartment. The buses go twice an hour.

Power Boat

If you are looking for a special way to arrive in Cannes there can be no better way than by power boat. Prices start from around €200 each way per person.


For a speedier transfer one can really travel in style and fly into Cannes - Mandelieu airport by helicopter and take short taxi journey from the airport to the apartment. Please be aware that helicopters are only able to fly during daylight hours and in good visibility. Approximate prices (one way) and transfer times in a single engine helicopter are below:

(one way)
1 to 3 pers 1 to 5 pers Transfer time
Cannes - Mandelieu €365 €565 15 mins
Cannes Heliport €395 €625 15 mins

Directions to the apartment

From Nice Airport

Important Information

Check – in

Check – in time is anytime after 15:00 and with out prior arrangement we would ask you not to arrive at the apartment before then. Sometimes in might be possible to gain access to the apartment earlier than 15:00 so please contact us if you would like an early check – in.

Check – out

We ask that you check – out no later than 11:00. Please ensure that the apartment is vacated promptly at or before this time to enable our cleaning people to thoroughly clean the apartment for new guests.

In exceptional circumstances a late check – out may be possible but this is only by prior arrangement.

On check – out please ensure:


This is a NON SMOKING property. Smoking is permitted on the rear balcony but please use the ash trays provided.


The apartment can be locked by key and is equipped with a safe for guests use. However Michael and Karen Broom Smith or their agents can take no responsibility for loss or theft from the apartment. Please bear this in mind if you are bringing valuables on holiday.


The apartment is equipped with a security safe in bedroom 2. We recommend that you use it for your valuables, passports etc. Please ensure that it is left open on departure.

Maximum Occupancy

The maximum number of guests is limited to six people over the age of 2 years of age.


One set of bed linen and towels are provided for the duration of your stay but if you would like changes of linen during your stay this can be arranged at an addition al charge by prior arrangement.

Linen must not be taken out of the apartment. Please note we do not provide beach towels.

Daily Housekeeping Service

The apartment is cleaned ready for you arrival and on your departure but there is no daily house keeping or other services of this nature provided during your stay. If you require daily house keeping during your stay please let us know in advance. It is not usually possible to arrange this at short notice I am afraid.

Air Conditioning

The apartment is fully air conditioned. The main control unit is the sitting room to the right of the door. We recommend that you have the fan set to low and would ask that you turn off the air conditioning each time you leave the apartment. Please do not use the air conditioning to heat the apartment. Please use the central heating system.


The heating, if required, is very efficient but please do not leave it on over night or when you leave the apartment. To turn the heating on simply press the button above the radiator symbol on the boiler, which is in the kitchen.


Electrical current is 220 volts AC, 50 Hz. Plugs have two round pins. If you are bringing personal electrical items, please bring your own plug adaptors.


It is your responsibility to ensure that you are adequately insured for your holiday (cancellation, curtailment, baggage loss, injury/accident, other medical emergencies, loss or damage to the apartment etc). Please remember to bring your insurance documents with you.

Internet Access

The apartment is equipped with wi-fi broadband internet connection (19 mbit/s download/3.5 mbit/s upload) with unlimited free access for guests, so feel free to bring your laptop. However, please bear in mind security considerations and that Michael and Karen Broom Smith cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage caused through use of the wi-fi broadband.

Network SSID: PurpleSki



The apartment is equipped with a Samsung 46 inch LED TV with some UK television free to air channels delivered over the internet.

Apple TV

The apartment is equipped with Apple TV, which you will only be able to take full advantage of if you have an Apple Account. Any questions about this please drop me a mail.

Sonos System

The apartment is equipped with a Sonos sound system with zones in the sitting room, kitchen and all the bedrooms. No controller for the system is provided but the system can be controlled either by using the app on the iMac in the kitchen or by downloading the free app to your iPhone, iPad, Android smart phone, PC or Mac.

From there it is simplicity itself to control the Sonos system. Listen to radio from almost anywhere in the world, play music from you computer or iPod/iPad or music from such services as Napster or Spotify.

The controller software can be downloaded from Sonos.

Nespresso Machine

The apartment is equipped with a Nespresso machine and we provide you with 20 cones (10 decaffeinated and 10 normal). The Nespresso shop is just a few meters from the apartment, at 13 rue des Serbes (turn left out of the apartment and left again), so you can easily buy additional capsules. Please leave the machine clean and dispose of the used cones before you leave.

The instruction manual can be found online here.


Childcare and Nannies

We have not ourselves used any of the baby sitting services in Cannes for our son so can not vouch from personal experience about any particular service but the tourist office has provided us with the following agencies who provide childcare and baby sitting services.

1 rue d’Antibes
06400 Cannes

Tel: +33 (0)9 88 77 66 80, Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00


5 rue Borniol
06400 Cannes

Tel: +33 (0)4 93 39 00 63, Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 17:00

Baby Sitting.

11 avenue du Camp Long
06400 Cannes

Tel: +33 (0)6 10 49 07 95, 24h/24h


29 boulevard de La Ferrage
4th floor
06400 Cannes

Tel: +33 (0)4 92 98 48 25, Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00

+33 (0)6 99 72 27 77, 24h/24h

Childcare and help for the elderly, infirm and handicapped as well as other services such as cleaning and ironing.

Bureau Information Jeunesse Cannes
3 rue Georges Clémenceau
06400 Cannes

Tel: +33 (0)4 97 06 46 25


Useful Information


If you call +33 (0)4 93 26 12 70 this English speaking service will give you the number of the closest English speaking doctor.


There are countless pharmacies in Cannes but the nearest are at the end of the rue Notre Dame (turn left out of the apartment) and in the rue d’Antibes.


The nearest public rubbish bins are by the bus stop in the rue des Serbes; turn left out of the apartment, and the bus stop is in front of you and slightly to your right. There are occasionally some Ville de Cannes Blue Bins at the back of the Majestic which you may use, but they are not always there.

Cash point

The two nearest cash – points (ATM) to the apartment are the HSBC on Rue du Bivouac Napoléon 190 meters from the apartment and Société Générale at 14 Rue Antibes which is about 300 meters from the apartment.

Post Office

The nearest post office has an entrance of rue Notre Dame. Turn right out of the apartment and the post office is next Five Hotel about 100m away.


The nearest newspaper kiosk is on the Croisette by the public beach. There is also one in the Place Gambetta.

Tourist Office

The Tourist Office is situated in the Palais des Festival about 150 meters from the apartment.

Food Shopping

The Place Gambetta is the place to do food shopping.

Place Gambetta

On the Place Gambetta, every day except Monday (and as of summer 2018, there are a few fruit and veg stands on a Monday as well) there is wonderful market for fresh fruit, vegetables, cheese, fish, dried meats and much more.

A little further away (750m) but well worth the trip at least once during you stay is the is the Marche de Fortville. The is generally considered the best market on the Cote d'Azur. Every day except Monday.

Supermarket Monop
34 rue Hoche.

Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday 08:30 – 24:00
Sunday 10:00 – 22:00

The supermarché Mon’op is situated at 34 rue Hoche on a brand new, as of May 2018, site. This supermarket is lovely and has all you need for your stay in Cannes. Open every day. Probably more expensive than the larger supermarkets but very convenient.

Just off the Place Gambetta are some wonderful speciality food shops such as:

Place Gambetta.

Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday 08:00 – 20:00
Sunday 09:00 – 14:00

New to Cannes (May 2018), Naturalia is a fantastic organic and health food shop. Offering a superb range, along with Monop and the market, all you needs will be taken care of.

12 rue Teisseire, Place Gambetta.

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday 10:00 – 13:00, 15:30 – 19:30
Saturday 10:00 – 13:00, 14:30 – 19:30
Sunday Closed

New to Cannes (May 2019), Aperitiv is a wonderful to food shopping in Cannes, nicely laid out, choice of wines, spririts, nibbles, pasta and very importantly Fever-Tree Tonic water! See their web site for more detail.

Supermarket Carrefour Market
6 Rue Meynadier.

Opening Hours:
Saturday to Sunday 08:00 – 21:00

If you are looking for a slightly larger supermarket then the Carrefour Market only 500m from the apartment might fit the bill.

Asian Store
23 rue Jean Jaures.

Opening Hours Tuesday to Sunday Morning

09:00 – 12:30

14:30 – 19:00

This is the road leading of the North East corner of the Place Gambetta or the

Specialite Italien

Josy and Jeannot
14, rue Marceau, Cannes.

Opening Hours Tuesday to Sunday Morning

09:00 – 12:30

14:30 – 19:00

South East corner of Place Gambetta (Market Square)


Le Palais des Pains
Corner of rue des Serbes and Rue Jean Jaurès,

Opening Hours Saturday to Sunday

05:00 – 20:30

This is our bakery of choice. Very close with a great selection of patisserie and breads (try the fig or olive bread) and a small cafe to have breakfast.

Note: Lenôtre on rue d’Antibes looks tempting but the patisserie are not better than the other bakeries and the prices…….


Boucherie Jaures
40 Rue Jean Jaurès,

Tel: +33 (0)4 93 38 67 70

Is very friendly little butcher that does a wonderful ready cooked chicken

Haagen Dazs
16 rue Hoche

Tel: +33 (0)4 93 38 73 45

Haagen Dazs - just minutes from the apartment, need I say more!

Fish Monger
7 rue chabaud

On SW corner Place Gambetta

Wine Merchants

Cave Riviera
7 rue Teisseire
Telephone: +33 (0)4 93 38 82 17,

A great wine merchant stocking every type of alcohol you could need. Rue Teisseire starts on the South East corner of the Place Gambetta by the pharmacie.

21 rue d'Antibes
Telephone: +33 (0)4 93 39 90 30,

Part of a large international chain but offering a good range of wines and spirits.


In other areas of Cannes but all close by to the apartment.

Olive Oil

Oliviers and Co.
4 rue Mace

A small shop selling superior olive oil from France, Spain, Italy and Portugal. They also sell vinegar, sauces, pasta, rice and dried tomatoes.


8 rue Chabard at the end of the pedestrianised Rue Hoche

Opening Hours Mon-Sat 9am-8pm

Sun 9am-1.30pm

Our favourite flower shop in Cannes.


You will never be lacking things to do in Cannes. There is something on offer for almost everyone. For further information do not hesitate to contact us on +44 (0) 7770 677506 or by email at


The rue D’Antibes and the streets leading off, along with the shops on the Croisette, is the equal of any shoppers paradise in the world. There really are too many to mention. You have everything from small independent boutiques, to the Haute Couture stores of the likes of Chanel to the international chains like Gap and Zara.

The first two weeks of July and January are particularly good times for shopping as this is when Cannes holds its annual sales. There are some extraordinary bargains to be had.


There are a multitude of beaches along the Croisette at Cannes. Two of these straddling the Majestic private beach are public. However if you really want to spoil yourself nothing beats sipping a cold glass of Bandol Rose brought to you by a uniformed waiter on one of the many private beaches.

Majestic Private Beach.

Directly opposite the Majestic Hotel

This is our favourite but at €40 a day it is not cheap but oh what bliss, the service, the last time we went was hit and miss and they have got rid of the dividers between the loungers, which for us is what separates it from other beaches. The restaurant, La Plage (web site), is truly excellent.

Le Goeland
Tel: +33 (0)4 93 38 22 05

The first private beach as you walk away from the Majestic.

This is a family run beach. The service is friendly and the food reasonable though not that varied if you are planning on spending everyday here but for us it ticks all the boxes. This restaurant is open almost the whole year round.

Miramar Plage
Tel: +33 (0)4 93 94 24 74

Opposite the Vesuvio restaurant on the Croisette

We had a nice lunch here in August in this fairly upscale beach restaurant. Service was a tad slow and slow to warm but got better as the meal went by. A fantastic menu with good choices for vegetarian and vegans.

Tel: +33 (0)4 93 39 73 79

Opposite the Carlton

The service is friendly and the food excellent. We have only eaten here out of season but I think we will try the whole beach experience this summer.

C Beach
Tel: +33 (0)6 66 11 60 60

A limited menu but the service is friendly. We ate here for the first time in June 2014. It is not stand out but not disappointing.


There are three cinemas in central Cannes showing all of the latest movies. For what’s on just Google “Cinema listings for Cannes”. The cinemas are:

5 rue d'Antibes,
Tel: +33 (0)8 92 68 00 29

77 rue Félix-Faure
Tel: +33 (0)4 93 39 01 09

98 rue d'Antibes
Tel: +33 (0)8 92 68 81 07


Country-Club de Cannes-Mougins

175 av. du Golf, route d'Antibes, Mougins

Tel: +33 (0)4 93 75 79 13

The Country-Club de Cannes-Mougins is one of the region's most challenging courses and is situated 8.8 kms (5.5 miles) from the apartment. The course was reconfigured in 1976 but originally dates from the 1920's. The course is noted for the olive trees and cypresses that adorn the flat terrain and its many water hazards and technical challenges. The Cannes-Mougins Open is on the PGA European Tour. The course is open to anyone with proof of handicap and greens fees are €150 per person. Reservations are recommended.

Gym and Jogging


21 av. du Petite Juas

Tel: +33 (0)4 93 68 41 50

If you are looking form a gym Fitlane is located a short jog from the apartment. See map for location details.

Cannes and the surrounding area is wonderful for early morning runs and jogs. I have laid out a 5km run and posted it here.

Spa and Beauty Treatments

Five Seas Hotel Spa

Rue Notre Dame

Tel: +33 (0)4 63 36 05 08

Web Site

Five Seas Hotel is located 120 meters from the apartment. They offer a range of beauty and massage treatments and their most recent list of treatments can be downloaded here.


There are two casinos in Cannes both run by the Barriere group:

Les Princes - Casino Barrière de Cannes

50 Boulevard de la Croisette, 06400 Cannes, France

Scenic Flights

Pleasure flights/dual control flights over the Lérins Islands located south of Cannes then the "Corniche d'or", the volcano of the Esterel, the Roman city of Fréjus, the lagoons of "Aigue Bonne", bay of Agay, the bay of Cannes, Mougins and the Tanneron.

Prices are from €155.00 per person.

For more details contact Air Odyssey on +33 (0)4 93 48 39 26 or visit their web site at


There are literally hundreds of restaurants in Cannes; TripAdvisor lists 662 (as of February 2018) on its site.

Another great resource for restaurants is the site. The French version can be found at

The following are some of our favourite restaurants and bars in Cannes. The letter in brackets after the address is the flag reference on the restaurant map. All of the restaurants are in Cannes unless indicated otherwise.

Cafes and Restaurants for Breakfast

Armani Cafe [N]
42 - 43 Boulevard de la Croisette
T: +33 (0)4 93 99 44 05
Last tried: March 2016
Lovely sophisticated spot on the Croisette for breakfast and all day dining.
TripAdvisor Reviews

Cannelle [M]
Directly opposite rue Notre Dame in the Gray d'Albion on rue des Serbes.
Web Site
T: +33 (0)4 93 38 72 79
Last tried: March 2016
Breakfast here is truly excellent but at a price. Superb fresh fruit, fresh juices, croissant, coffee and a huge selection of teas.
TripAdvisor Reviews

Le Goeland [Q]
61 boulevard de la Croisette
Directly next to the Carlton
T: +33 (0)4 93 38 22 05
Last tried: August 2017
The first private beach as you walk away from the Majestic. This is a family run beach. Breakfast is lovely. See below for a longer review.

Breakfast is very good, coffee, hot chocolate, croissant, tartine, freshly squeezed orange juice, fruit salad and they would probably rustle you up some eggs if you wanted. Go for an early morning swim and round it off with breakfast.
TripAdvisor Reviews

Petit Paris [B]
Cuisine: Modern French
Corner of rue Notre Dame and rue des Belges
T: +33 (0)4 93 38 88 60
Last tried: March 2016
Lovely restaurant less 100m from the apartment serving non-stop from 07:30 to 01:00. Offers an excellent choice for breakfast.
TripAdvisor Reviews

Voilier [P]
61 boulevard de la Croisette
Directly next to the Carlton
T: +33 (0)4 93 38 88 60
Last tried: July 2016
The only thing that is special about the Voilier is that you are having breakfast on the Croisette and that is fun. But the breakfast is nothing special and we have found the service to be off hand at best. We have only eaten breakfast here.
TripAdvisor Reviews

Volupte Anytime [O]
In the rue Hoche about 100m from the apartment
32 - 41, rue Hoche
T: +33 (0)4 93 38 20 41
W: Volupte Anytime
Last tried: June 2017
Our favourite place for breakfast in Cannes. Recommend the fruit salad, the juices, croissant and the cappuccino.
TripAdvisor Reviews


Le Caveau 30
Cuisine: French Brasserie and Sea Food
45, Avenue Felix Faure [F]
T: +33 (0)4 93 39 06 33.
Last tried: November 2012
Classic French brasserie and sea food restaurant. Busy and convivial atmosphere but not great. La Potiniere is a lot better.
TripAdvisor Reviews

Fouquets at the Majestic Hotel [D]
Cuisine: French
10 La Croisette
T: +33 (0)4 92 98 77 29.
Last tried: June 2012
A lovely brasserie in the loveliest hotel in Cannes and only 100 meters from the apartment.
TripAdvisor Reviews

Le Goeland [Q]
61 boulevard de la Croisette
Directly next to the Carlton
T: +33 (0)4 93 38 22 05
Last tried: August 2016
The first private beach as you walk away from the Majestic. This is a family run beach. Breakfast is lovely (see above). The service is friendly and the food reasonable though not that varied if you are planning on spending everyday here but for us it ticks all the boxes. This restaurant is open almost the whole year round.
TripAdvisor Reviews

Le Jardin de Bambou [C]
Cuisine: Chinese
16 rue Mace
T: +33 (0)4 92 98 63 06
Last tried: August 2016
A delightful, friendly Chinese restaurant just five minutes from the apartment. Le Jardin de Bambou shines out as being the best Far Eastern restaurant in the area.
TripAdvisor Reviews

Majestic Beach - BFire - Majestic
Cuisine: Modern, Specialising in Italian and Aregentinian flavours to share.
Opposite 10 La Croisette [E]
T: +33 (0)4 92 98 77 00.
Last tried: July 2015
Changed again but they still don't get it. They have got rid of the deviders on the beach, we had to pay for the beach in advacne (in case we ran off without paying I assume) and some how did not feel welcome. Restaurant is good but there are better beaches. Try Plage de Martinez, Miramar Plage or Rado Beach!!
TripAdvisor Reviews

Miramar Plage
Cuisine: Modern Mediterranean, Specialising in seafood and salads.
Opposite 64 La Croisette [P]
Last tried: August 2017
W: T: +33 (0)4 93 94 24 74.
We had a nice lunch here in August in this fairly upscale beach restaurant. Service was a tad slow and slow to warm but got better as the meal went by. A fantastic menu with good choices for vegetarian and vegans.
TripAdvisor Reviews

Park 45 at the Grand Hotel [L]
Cuisine: Modern French
45 La Croisette
T: +33 (0)4 92 98 77 29.
Last tried: August 2017
We ate here for the first time in August 2017 and the food and service are truly superb. Being vegetarian the Park 45 is a gem on the Cote d'Azur in that it offers a lovely vegetarian menu at €55.00. Highly recommended.
TripAdvisor Reviews

La Petite Maison de Nicole at the Majestic Hotel [D]
Cuisine: French Mediterranean
10 La Croisette
T: +33 (0)4 92 98 77 29.
Last tried: August 2017
This is an outpost of the famous Petite Maison Nice. Truly superb food. Highly recommended. Booking in advance essential. We love this place.
TripAdvisor Reviews

Petit Paris [B]
Cuisine: Modern French
Corner of rue Notre Dame and rue des Belges
T: +33 (0)4 93 38 88 60
Last tried: August 2017
Lovely restaurant less 100m from the apartment serving non-stop from 07:30 to 01:00. Really lovely food and friendly service.
TripAdvisor Reviews

La Piazza [G]
Cuisine: Italian Pizza and Pasta
9 Place Cornut Gentille
T: +33 (0)4 92 98 60 80
Last tried: March 2016
A large pizza and pasta restaurant at the beginning of the old town. I think I first ate at this restaurant in 1983 and I have never been disappointed. Amazingly you can still get a pizza and a beer for €15. It does exactly what it says on the tin. It is not fine dining and does not have pretensions to be but the food is good and the service is quick and excellent. Great, pasta, pizza and risotto. The restaurant is great value, extremely friendly and really buzzy.
TripAdvisor Reviews

Plage du Martinez
Cuisine: Modern Mediterranean, Specialising in seafood and salads.
Opposite 10 La Croisette [E]
Last tried: July 2016
W: T: +33 (0)4 92 98 73 19.
We had a great lunch here in July 2018. Service is excellent and the food fantastic but it is part of the Martinez and is therefore priced accordingly! We would go back.
TripAdvisor Reviews

La Potiniere
Cuisine: French
13 Square Merimee [H]
T: +33 (0)4 93 39 02 82
Last tried: October 2017
A lovely restaurant with great service. The set menu is extraordinary value and I cannot recommend it too highly. Fish dishes a speciality. Great for vegetarians/vegans.
TripAdvisor Reviews

Rado Beach
Cuisine: Modern Mediterranean, Specialising in seafood and salads.
Opposite La Croisette opposite the Miramar
Last tried: June 2019
W: T: +33 (0)4 93 94 20 68.
To quote "In 2019, it became one of the first beach restaurants to be totally rebuilt, satifying the demands of the architectural standard and quality objectives of the City of Cannes". We had a great day including lunch here in June 2019. Service is freindly and excellent and the food fantastic. Family run since 1958, we could not fault it. And unlike the Majestic we did not have to pay in advance for the beach!
TripAdvisor Reviews

Dokebi [I]
Cuisine: Japanese/Korean
17 rue Notre Dame
T: +33 (0)4 93 99 61 47
Last tried: June 2015
Dokebi could not be any closer; but the prices are very high and we tend not to eat here.

Of course, there is the Palm d'Or in The Martinez with two Michelin stars. We have not yet eaten there, and I am not sure we will! The menu looks pretentious. To quote the Michelin online guide "In the sumptuous Art Deco setting of the Hotel Martinez, diners look down on La Croisette from a gastronomic peak. The chef creates spectacular cuisine that is sunny and creative, justly deserving of a Palme d'Or!"

Restaurants - Outside of Cannes

The train line along the Cote d'Azur makes almost all the towns of the South of France very easily accessible. Monaco is about an hour and 15 minutes by train but the scenary is so lovely that it goes very quickly.

L'Aiguille [N]
Cuisine: French Modern
Promenade Andre Pradayrol, Plage de l'Aiguille, 06590, Theoule-sur-Mer
T: +33 (0)6 29 92 18 05
Last tried: August 2017
If you planning a little outing a way from Cannes this is a lovely little beach and restaurant, which we visited for the first time in August 2017. Highly recommended but booking essential. We had hired a scooter but Theoule can be reached by train in less than 15 minutes.
TripAdvisor Reviews

Castleroc [M}
Cuisine: French Modern
Place de Palais, Monaco Ville
T: +377 93 30 36 68
Last tried: October 2016
Fantastic cuisine, lovely service a stone's throw from the Palais de Monaco. Feels special.

If you do make it to Monaco during your stay this is the restaurant we would recommend.
TripAdvisor Reviews

La Maree
Cuisine: French Modern
7, av. J.F. Kennedy, Monte Carlo
T: +377 97 97 80 00
Last tried: October 2017
This restaurant is in a lovely setting overlooking the Monte Carlo Marina. Linen table cloths, fabulous service and, if you want, a menu to match (€1,300 for a sea food platter) but also a lunch set menu of two courses for €23.00. Be warned the wine list is a bit toppy, starting with a bottle of rose at €70.00 or €8 a glass. We would very much recommend La Maree.
TripAdvisor Reviews

Chez Lulu
Cuisine: Varied
5 rue Frederic Isnard, Antibes
T: +33 (0)4 89 89 08 92
Last tried: October 2017
TripAdvisor Reviews
This is a bit different and may not be for everybody. But we think it is great fun. It is a table dd'hote restaurant. So starters are various hors d'oeuvres, which are placed on your table and you can help yourself. There is no choice of main course and then to finish a selection of puddings. We visited for the first time in October 2017 and loved it.

That said Antibes has literally hundreds of restaurants to choose from. TripAdvisor lists 676 as of February 2018.

La Colombe d'Or [O]
Cuisine: French Traditional
1 Place du General de Gaulle, 06570, Saint-Paul-de-Vence
T: +33 (0)4 93 32 80 02
Last tried: October 2016
This, for me, is one of the best restaurants in France and should be visited at least once in life time. Art (and I mean art Picasso, Matisse etc) hangs everywhere, accepted in payment in years gone by for meals taken by the artist at this 100 year old restaurant. It still retains the character and charm of a bygone era. The charm of the restaurant is evident in the service and the food. Staff are delightful and efficient, the food amazing and the open air terrace is a wonder to dine on. Booking Essential.
TripAdvisor Reviews Ignore the negative reviews, this says more about the reviewer than the restaurant. I have been at least five times and each time has been magical.

Galerie des Arcades
Cuisine: French Traditional
16 place des Arcades, 06410, Biot
T: +33 (0)4 93 65 01 05
Last tried: July 2018
We visited Biot for the first time in the summer of 2018. If you have a car, Biot is well worth a visit, much more charming than the better known Mougins and Valbonne, and if you want to have lunch here, we can highly recommend the delightful restaurant Galerie des Arcades. Simple, lovely food served by the owners Famille Brothier.
TripAdvisor Reviews.


There are more bars in Cannes than you could possibly need and certainly a bar to suit everybody’s taste, but the following are a few of our favourites.

Majestic Hotel
Last tried: June 2017
We love the bar in the Majestic for great cocktails and nibbles in a relaxed and sophisticated surroundings though we wished they would change the chairs.
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Five Hotel
Top floor Five Hotel
Last tried: February 2014
This bar on top of the Five Hotel, which is just a stroll from the apartment, has been redecorated and we found it a bit cold but it might be better in summer.

La Chunga
24 rue La Tour Maubourg, 06400, Cannes,
T: +33 (0)4 93 94 11 29
Open 20:00 till dawn!
Last tried: August 2014
Opposite the Martinez. This place is fun. Serves food but we have not tried it yet! It is a bit of Cannes institution and has been around since 1958. The Daily Telegraph best describes it "Opposite the Hotel Martinez, La Chunga considers itself a plush, louche Cannes institution, quite correctly. It starts out, early in the evening, as a standard Italo-Provencal restaurant (though with some non-standard prices). Later, it evolves into a piano and live music bar for a clientele sufficiently grown-up to know what a whisky sour is, and sufficiently rich to have some very pretty company to drink it with. Things can get frisky, even sleazy, in the early hours when folk from the festivals roll in."

Radisson Blu
2, boulevard Jean Hibert, 06400, Cannes,
T: +33 (0)4 93 94 11 29
Open 20:00 till dawn!
Last tried: N/A
At the end of the Quai Saint-Pierre. We have not tried the bar on the top floor, but it was recommended by our neighbours at 15 rue Notre Dame.

Carlton Hotel
Last tried: August 2017
If you are going in the summer and can sit outside as we did in the summer of 2017, then this is a great bar, buzzy and wonderful people watching but avoid the inside, it can be likened to sipping a cocktail in a shopping mall.


The main shopping in Cannes is on the Croisette and the rue d'Antibes and the streets running between them. Though there are some interesting shops to be found on the streets to the north of the rue d'Antibes. It is bounded on the West by rue du Marechal Joffre and on the East where the rue d'Antibes meets the Boulevard d'Alsace.

Where to start? Cannes has it all. From the most famous names in Haute Couture - you will find Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent, to name a just few, on the Croisette. There are high end jewellers and watch makers (Blancpain and Brequet nestle side by side on the Croisette). The famous rue d'Antibes, which is only 50 metres from the apartment is home to countless well know shops and small boutiques alike offering everything from "High Street" fashion (Zara), small specialist shoe shops, of which there are many, to works of art, antiques, home furnishings and beach wear.

Also on the rue d'Antibes you will find FNAC and Darty.

Absolutely not to be missed is the Forville market (Place du Marché Forville; every morning except Mon). To quote Anthony Peregrine of The Daily Telegraph, "Here is a vast Provençal larder where asceticism comes to die. If you are self-catering or planning a picnic, then this is the spot to head for." There are a myriad of cafes around the market so why not set up early, take breakfast and spend some time in one of the most splendid markets I have seen in my 40 year of visiting and living in France. This is not just a fruit and vegetable market. There is every food stuff imaginable, fresh pasta, dried spices and herbs, fish (of course), a salt stall, a mushroom seller and fresh flowers. This market has to be seen to be believed.

You can find almost everything in Cannes if you search long enough! Just let yourself wander around the streets and you will be amazed at what you can find. Happy shopping!



1. Your tickets, passport and visas (if required). Please check that your passport is valid for the duration of the holiday; we recommend that the validity extends for at least 6 months beyond your planned date of return.

2. Your credit cards (MasterCard or Visa cards are widely accepted in France, even for small transactions) and your debit card (for withdrawing cash from the many cash machines in Cannes) with their PIN numbers, and a small quantity of Euros.

3. Don't forget beach towels, sunglasses and sun cream.


The apartment is equipped with a DVD player, Apple TV, Sonos and UK Free to Air Channels over the internet. There is a small selection of traditional games but do feel free to bring your own games and DVD’s along.


You do not need to bring towels (but you do need BEACH TOWELS), hair driers, linen, cots or high chairs or baby listeners as these are all provided.

Please let us know of any errors in this document or any additions that would be helpful to guests.

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