Booking Terms and Conditions

  1. Terms and expressions used in these Booking Terms and Conditions
    In these booking terms and conditions “we” and “our” are references to Michael and/or Karen Broom Smith and “you” and “your” are references to the party or any member of the party (including the party leader) as the context may require, and the following other words and expressions shall have the following meanings:

    “accommodation” means accommodation in apartment 2, 15 rue Notre Dame, 06400, Cannes, France as described in the website;

    “apartment price” means the price for the apartment for the period of stay specified in the website;

    “party” means those named in the booking form (or added to the booking subsequently), collectively or any member of the party individually as the context may require;

    “party leader” means the person making the booking by submitting the booking form;

    “total price” means the amount which is the total price for the entire apartment, for the period of stay specified in the website;

    “other service” means any service, other than accommodation, received by any member of the party whether or not provided by, or arranged by, us (including without limitation, insurance services, medical services, transport and excursions of any nature);

    “website” means

  2. The Booking Form
    The party leader must be authorised to make the booking in accordance with these booking terms and conditions on behalf of all members of party. By submitting the booking form you warrant as party leader that you have that authority, and confirm the agreement of all members of the party to be bound by these booking terms and conditions. This warranty extends to any persons you may add to the booking subsequently. As party leader you must be over the age of 18 years at the time of submitting the booking. The party leader is responsible for the total price and any additional charges and for making all payments due to us.
  3. Prices
    Prices are for accommodation as defined in paragraph i. above and do not include other services. The price includes all taxes including TVA/VAT if any and Taxe de Sejour. Where we offer to provide, or do provide, any other service to you, this shall be taken at your option and be separately priced, and in every case may be taken or cancelled (as may be permitted under the terms stated by us for such other service) without affecting the provision of the accommodation. Other services provided by third parties are subject to paragraph xv. below.
  4. Deposits
    The deposit is 30% of the total price and is not refunded under any circumstances save for a full refund pursuant to paragraph xvi. below.
  5. Balance
    The balance of the total price is payable 56 days prior to the commencement of the period of stay or in full if booking is made within nine weeks of the commencement of the period of stay. The total price must be received by us in cleared funds prior to the party's arrival at the apartment. If the apartment is booked within two weeks of the date the period of stay commences the cost must be paid for by credit transfer or cash to our bank at your expense.
  6. Security Deposit
    A security deposit of €1,000 is payable prior to the commencement of the rental by bank transfer and it is fully refundable within 14 days of departure, provided the following provisions are met:

    • No damage is done to property or its contents, beyond normal wear and tear.
    • No charges are incurred due to illegal activity, pets or collection of rents or services rendered during the stay.
    • All debris and rubbish are placed in rubbish bin and removed from the apartment
    • All soiled dishes are placed in the dishwasher and cleaned.
    • Two sets of keys are left in the box in the apartment and the apartment is left locked only by digicode.
    • All charges accrued during the stay are paid prior to departure.
    • No linens are lost or damaged.
    • No early arrival or late departure.

    The security codes to the apartment will not be released until the damage deposit has been recieved. Entry to the apartment will not be permitted until the damage deposit has been recieved. No exceptions will be made to this condition

    It is not possible to accept cash on arrival for the damage deposit.
  7. Bookings
    All accommodation is offered subject to availability. No booking is deemed to exist until a fully completed booking form has been received along with the appropriate deposit and we have confirmed the booking to you. However if a booking deposit is received by us prior to receipt of the booking form, payment of said deposit will be taken as acceptance by you of these Booking Terms and Conditions and the formal booking confirmation will be sent to you. Telephone bookings will be held for five working days, pending receipt of the appropriate deposit. If the deposit is not received by us within this five day period the booking will be deemed void and we reserve the right to re-sell the apartment without further notice. We reserve the right to decline to accept a booking in our absolute discretion and without giving any reason.
  8. Check-in and Check-out
    Check-in time is no earlier than 15:00. Early check-in is not permitted except by prior arrangement.

    Check-out is no later than 11.00. Late checkout is not permitted except by prior arrangement.
  9. Maximum Occupancy
    The maximum number of guests is limited to six (6) persons over the age of 2 years of age.
  10. Non Smoking
    This is a NON SMOKING apartment. Smoking is permitted on the rear balcony.
  11. Pets
    Pets are not permitted in the apartment. Any evidence of pets having been in the apartment will incur a €500.00/week penalty. This will be deducted from the damaged deposit.
  12. Liability & Security
    The apartment is lockable by key and a safe is available for your use in the apartment and we strongly recommend that you use it for any valuable personal items. Michael and Karen Broom Smith or their agents can take no responsibility for loss or theft from the apartment. Please bear this in mind if you are bringing valuables on holiday.
  13. Package Holiday Regulations
    We are not an “organiser” as defined by the Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992 (“the Package Holiday Regulations”) and do not accept liability under the Package Holiday Regulations or otherwise for the provision of services provided by third parties whether or not booked by us on behalf of any member of the party.
  14. Services Provided by Third Parties
    Other services provided by third parties, whether or not booked by us on your behalf, are subject to the terms and conditions of the provider of such other services. We are not a party to the contract for such other services, and whether or not we recommend the service provider we do not warrant the standard or performance of such other services or the suitability, the fitness for purpose of any equipment used or provided, any training or guidance given, or compliance with any applicable law or regulation or any other feature of such other service (each of the foregoing a “service feature”), and we shall have no liability whatsoever to you for such other services. If we book any such other service to be provided by a third party on your behalf we do so only as your agent. You must take full responsibility for satisfying yourself in advance as to any service feature and as to the service provider's qualifications and ability to provide such services. You must address any grievance about such other service directly to the relevant service provider.
  15. Cancellation by Michael and Karen Broom Smith
    If owing to circumstances beyond our control we cancel your booking you may elect for a full refund of the total price or transfer the payment to another week at some time in the future within two years of the canceled booking. We shall have no other liability to you whatsoever. Circumstances beyond our control include, without limitation, unusual and unforeseen events such as war or threat of war, riot, terrorism, natural disasters, fire, technical problems or accidents at airports, ports, on roads or railways or otherwise in respect of transport of any kind , inclement weather or governmental action. Very rarely, we may be forced by Force Majeure (see clause xviii) to change or cancel your booking after your arrival date. If this situation does occur, we regret we will be unable to make any refunds, pay you compensation or meet any costs or expenses you incur as a result.
  16. Limitation of Liability
    Save where you suffer personal injury or death, our liability is limited to the total invoiced price for the party member concerned and under no circumstances extends to additional costs incurred in the taking of the holiday such as travel costs or other services.
  17. Cancellation by You
    If an apartment reservation is cancelled by you a cancellation charge will be made as follows:

    Days before period of stay commences Cancellation charge as a %age of total price
    More than 56 30%
    56 - 0 100%

    Cancellation of the accommodation shall not constitute cancellation of other services. If you wish to cancel other services you must do so in accordance with the terms and conditions (including payment of any cancellation charges) applicable to those other services.

    Notification of cancellation of accommodation must be in writing (email, fax or post) and cancellation charges will be calculated from the date of receipt of the written cancellation. We take no responsibility for non-delivery or non-receipt of the notification of cancellation. If the balance of the total price is not received at least 56 days prior to the day the period of stay commences the booking may be deemed to be cancelled by you, and we reserve the right to re-sell the apartment without further notice. In practice all reasonable efforts will be made by us to contact you. Non-receipt of the balance of the total price will not be taken as notification of cancellation of the booking and you shall be liable for cancellation charges as detailed above if you subsequently do cancel the booking.
  18. Force Majeure
    Except where otherwise expressly stated in these booking conditions we will not be liable, pay you compensation or issue refunds if our contractual obligations to you are affected by "Force Majeure". For the purposes of these booking conditions, Force Majeure means any event beyond our or our supplier's control, the consequences of which could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures had been taken. Examples include but are not limited to, warfare and acts of terrorism (and threat thereof), civil strife, epidemics, pandemics and significant risks to human health such as the outbreak of serious disease at the travel destination (including the ongoing effects of Covid-19) or natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes or weather conditions which make it impossible to travel safely to the travel destination or remain at the travel destination, the act of any government or other national or local authority including port or river authorities, industrial dispute, labour strikes, lock closure, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, chemical or biological disaster, unavoidable technical problems with transport and all similar events outside our or the supplier(s) concerned’s control. Advice from the Foreign, Commonwealth and Developmental Office or equivalent in your home country to avoid or leave a country may constitute Force Majeure.
  19. Behaviour
    You shall indemnify us in full on demand in respect of any and all liability of us or any claim made against us as a direct result of damage caused by any member of, or any guest of, the party to the apartment or any of its contents. All damage and breakages directly caused by you or by such guest will be charged to the party leader and deducted from the damaged deposit provided by you. Your liability is not limited to the size of the damage deposit and all damages in excess of the damage deposit must be paid for before departure from the apartment. You undertake to us to behave in such a manner as not to disrupt the enjoyment of other persons staying in the block in which the apartment is situated, or prejudice our reputation with local residents. The accommodation of any party member in breach of this paragraph may be terminated immediately and without refund of any part of the total price or other compensation, and we will shall have no further obligation to you in respect of such party member.
  20. Written exceptions
    Any exceptions to the above terms and conditions must be approved in advance in writing.
  21. Law and Jurisdiction
    These booking terms and conditions and any matters arising from them shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.
  22. Accuracy
    We have used all reasonable endeavours to ensure that the information on this website is accurate; however, we do not warrant that all included information, especially that supplied by third parties (such as providers of other services) is correct or complete. Pages on the website are provided to users 'as is' and 'as available', and may have technical inaccuracies. We will endeavour to update and correct this site as soon as new information becomes available to us, but we give no warranty as to when any such update will be made. We shall not be liable for any damage or loss that may arise, directly or indirectly, from the use of information contained on this website.

These are the Michael and Karen Broom Smith booking conditions applicable to bookings made of Apartment 2, 15 rue Notre Dame, Cannes, France on

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